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PLEASE NOTE:  This website is being transitioned to the National Office website.

The new URL is https://federalretirees.ca/victoria

The Victoria Fred Whitehouse Branch is one of four branches of the National Association of Federal Retirees located on Vancouver Island and within the Association's British Columbia Coastal and Islands Region. The branch serves approximately 5300 members.

The name “Victoria-Fred Whitehouse” commemorates the acknowledged founder of the Association, Mr. Fred Whitehouse, who was a resident of Victoria. Mr. Whitehouse, then president of the Civil Service Federation, acted as the guiding hand in establishing the Association and was elected the first National Secretary-Treasurer in 1963.

Our Purpose:

  • Communicate with local members through meetings and newsletter;
  • Respond to members who have questions about retirement pensions and related benefits such as Superannuation, the Canada Pension Plan, Old Age Security, the Public Service Health Care Plan, the Pensioners Dental Services Plan, the long Term Disability Plan, MEDOC travel insurance and Johnson Inc. home insurance;
  • Assist members and the families of members who experience the loss of a loved one, including help in advising necessary authorities and providing information on survivor benefits;
  • Support Post Graduate Studies in Public Administration at the University of Victoria thru the annual awarding of the Fred Whitehouse Scholarship;
  • Recruit new members;
  • Submit resolutions to the Annual Members' Meeting (AMM);
  • Administer the affairs of the Branch;
  • Participate in local provincial advocacy, dealing with issues of importance to superannuates and seniors in our community;
  • Fulfill our responsibilities under Association's By-Laws.

Mission Statement

  • To Advocate measures beneficial to retirees and potential retirees of the PSC, CAF and RCMP and other Federal Agencies or bodies deemed appropriate by the National Board of Directors;
  • To Oppose measures inimical to retirees and potential retirees;
  • To Promote the general welfare of those mentioned above;
  • To Inform and assist retirees and potential retirees mentioned above with regard to their rights as annuitants;
  • To Cooperate with other organizations in furtherance of mutual objectives.

Benefits of Membership

Additional to the advocacy efforts to protect and improve retirees’ pension, medical and dental benefits, the Association has relationships with several companies that provide discounts to Association members. These companies are known as Preferred Partners (PPs) - both National and Local.

The National PPs can be found at this link –  https://federalretirees.ca/

Our Local PPs can be found on the "Discounts" page.

Become a Member

To become a member of the National Association of Federal Retirees visit the national website at https://www.federalretirees.ca/en/Membership-Wizard/Select-Membership

British Columbia  Branches

For information on the other Association Branches in BC visit https://www.federalretirees.ca/en/Branches/British-Columbia